What is Freading?

What is Freading?

Posted on Wednesday February 20, 2013 at 05:51AM

What is Freading?

Freading is another way for you to enjoy eBooks from TRAC anytime, anywhere. There's no download manager and you have simultaneous access to all titles - it's never been so easy and it's available now!

What's does Freading have?

Freading currently has over 12,000 titles from every genre in its collection and more eBooks are being added each week. The best part? Books are always available - no waiting, no holds lists and no late fees!

How does Freading work?
As the name suggests, Freading is free to TRAC customers. At the beginning of each week (Monday morning) you will receive four (4) tokens - virtual currency - which you can exchange for eBooks at a cost of either 1, 2 or 4 tokens per eBook. The cost of each eBook is determined by the publisher. Unused tokens roll over each week until the end of the month.

How long can I Fread each eBook?

Each eBook is yours for a 2-week loan period. You can renew each eBook for an additional 2-week period and most renewals are free.

**Start Freading by clicking the Freading icon on the left side of this page.



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