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Reading Buddies

August 17 2022
We are looking for reading mentors and reading buddies! This program is geared towards both teens aged 13-18 in junior high or high school, AND kiddos in kindergarten to Grade 4.
This program seeks to not only help assist kiddos with reading and school work but also create a bond between reading buddies and their mentors in a fun and safe environment at Tofield Library.
Reading mentors and their buddies will have their first meet Friday September 7th @ 4:30pm - 5:30pm at Tofield Library. This first day will be meant to play games, do a craft and get to know each other while making a list of goals the buddy wants to accomplish over the next 7 weeks - whether that be better at sounding out words, reading comprehension, reading aloud or assistance with school work, etc.
This program will run every Friday from Sept. 7th through Oct. 28th.
Dates are subject to change based on popularity and interest in this program.
Please sign up your kids or teens with Emily at Tofield Library by messaging us on facebook or calling us at (780) 662-3838.
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