Our Values

The foundation of librarianship rests on an essential set of core values that define, inform, and guide our daily practices as librarians. We build on a proud history of care for the community with ongoing development and understanding of our community members and their needs.  

These Values include: 

    1. Equity 
    2. The library strives to ensure equal and equitable access to materials for patrons through various technologies, formats, and delivery methods.  
    3. Confidentiality/Privacy 
    4. The library's protection of patron privacy and confidentiality is necessary for intellectual freedom and fundamental to the ethics and practice of librarianship.  
    5. Diversity 
    6. The library values individual needs, experiences, and differences and creates a safe place for all to gather.  
    7. Inclusion 
    8. The library welcomes participation in decision-making and service development by residents and communities. 
    9. Innovation 
    10. The library encourages creativity, experimentation and the generation of ideas. 
    11. Accountability 
    12. The library takes responsibility for its actions and services. We are accountable to public funds and have a legal and ethical responsibility as trustees of those funds to ensure the library's future.  
    13. Service Orientation 
    14. The library strives to provide excellent and responsible services through the information we provide, the services we offer, and training to ensure qualified staff.