What is my PIN number?

The last four digits of the telephone number you gave us when you registered for your library card. if you're still having trouble, feel free to the library a call, and we will help you. :)

Is the Library just books?

No! We have tons of materials including comics, manga, magazines, playaways, movies/TV series, music, ebooks, audiobooks, and computer games.

Do you need a library card to come in and use the computers, attend programs, or just look around?

The answer is simple: No!

How much are items in the Book Sale?

Our book sale items are as follows:

Books $0.50 each
Magazines $0.25 each
DVDs/audio $1.00 per items

Your best deal: Fill a bag for $5.00

Does the Library have a fax service?

No. We no longer offer fax services. Please contact Guardian Drug Store in Tofield @ (780) 662-3108

Does the Library have Wi-Fi?

Yes. Feel free to come and use it!

Does the Library have a colour photocopier?

Yes, we do. Prices are $0.75 per page for an 8x11 page.